How YO1’s Natural Approach Can Help with Infertility

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  1. Introduction
  2. Ayurvedic Therapies
  3. Naturopathic Therapies
  4. Yogic Therapies
  5. Acupuncture Therapies

Many couples find it difficult to conceive during the process of starting a family. YO1 provides a comprehensive holistic program which includes an Ayurvedic, Naturopathic and Yogic wellness course of action to mitigate the infertility problem in men and women.

Naturopathy explains that the common causes for problems in conception are stress, irregular daily routine, excess deposit of fat which leads to excess heat in the body that doesn’t allow the embryo to sustain in the uterus.

  • Stress: Stress plays a major role in infertility as it breaks the natural flow of hormones. It disturbs the timely release of hormones such as FSH, Estrogen and Progesterone which help in conception.
  • Improper diet: A nutritionally balanced diet helps in maintaining a regular menstrual cycle, timely release of ova in women and sperm in men. To help with this, the special diet recommended are Zinc, Selenium, Omega fatty acids, and Vitamins like A, B, C and D rich food including mushrooms, cereals, lobster, spinach, nuts, fish, carrots, all seasonal fruits and dairy products.
  • Lack of exercise: Due to weak muscles of the uterus and other viscera in the abdomen, the woman’s body cannot bare the womb and it leads to an abortion. Exercise can strengthen the muscles and abdominal viscera. It improves the overall blood circulation of the abdominal viscera.
  • Irregular daily routine: A proper daily routine is vital in maintaining a regular course of menstrual cycle. This includes early to bed and early to rise, following regulated food timings, rest timings and sufficient water intake.

According to Ayurveda, there are seven body tissues and the reproductive tissue is the last one to be created in the body.

While making a pot, we need mud, wheel, fire, stick and potter. Similarly, Ayurveda says that for forming a human body, there are some essential and mandatory elements required. The four essential ingredients that form the fetus are:

  1. Rutu: Ideal season, in terms of fertile period in a woman (Ideal for conception)
  2. Kshetra: Fertile land, in terms of a disease free and healthy womb (Uterus)
  3. Ambu: Proper water supply, in terms of nutritional supply to the fetus (Fetal circulation)
  4. Beeja: Healthy seed, in terms of sperm of a man

The factors that influence conceiving are:

  • The health of a woman in terms of her menstrual cycle regularity and healthy atmosphere of uterus and hormonal health
  • The health of men in terms of having good quality of sperms and good quantity of semen
  • The time of conception
  • Nutrition to the fetus

Any kind of imbalance at this level leads to problems of conception or infertility. Enhancing and bringing balance in these four major essential factors, restores fertility.

The YO1 Approach

According to Ayurveda, the enhancement of healthy environment for these essential factors is brought about by:

  1. Physical and physiological cleansing
  2. Emotional and mental cleansing
  3. Rejuvenation therapy

Ayurveda offers natural treatment to combat excess weight. Ayurvedic remedies give the best results when used along with a healthy diet and exercise.

An overweight person has excess ama in their body. Ama are the toxins that build up in the body due to an unhealthy lifestyle, pollution, and incomplete or inefficient digestion. Ama blocks the circulatory, lymphatic and other channels of body. Ayurvedic therapies for weight management primarily aim at getting rid of ama.

Experts suggest that it is extremely difficult or perhaps impossible to lose weight in presence of ama. It is because of this reason that many fail to lose weight even when they limit their diet. Therefore, it is important to get rid of ama first and then work on losing weight.

We have many Ayurvedic therapies at YO1 that help mitigate the problem:


  • It nourishes the body, balances the doshas & improves one’s well-being.
  • It eliminates body impurities & helps in reducing weight.
  • It improves blood circulation and stimulates the internal organs.


  • It is an oil-based therapy which helps in mental and emotional cleansing by de-stressing.
  • It relaxes the hypothalamus leading to Homeostasis – the stability of the internal environment.
  • It normalizes the functioning of the Pituitary Gland & balances the Gonadotrophins.


  • It is one of the Swedana therapies that flushes toxins from the circulatory system, clearing the channels.
  • It gets rid of Ama (a metabolic toxin which is sticky in nature) & Meda (contaminated & accumulated fat).
  • The cells get activated after Podikizhi.


  • The increased friction in Udhwarthanam refreshes & rejuvenates the body.
  • It improves circulation, opens body channels and increases the basal metabolic rate.
  • Udhwarthanam reduces blood cholesterol, removes cellulite and helps in weight reduction.


  • The herbs used in Nasyam are administered through the nose, into the head, eliminating morbid doshas and ultimately promoting the physiological function.
  • It normalizes the functions of the hormones of the Pituitary Gland.
  • It removes the toxins from the system.

Kashya & Anuvasana Vasti

  • This therapy is done through the trans-rectal route, where an herbal decoction & oil is easily absorbed from the rectum without the process of digestion.
  • It helps in immediate elimination of accumulated, vitiated doshas.
  • The herbs also supply micronutrients to nourish the entire reproductive system.


  • This process of inducing sweat with steam causes vaso-dilation and hence helps in detoxification.
  • It fastens up the healing process.
  • It balances doshas, acts on the fat tissues & relieves stress.

Contact YO1 today for a free consultation with one of our trained wellness counselors to find out how our Infertility Program can help you.

Our Naturopathy experts offer the following therapies to help mitigate infertility:


  • Enema helps with detoxifying the system.

Mud Bath

Like Cold Hip Bath, Mud Bath also improves the overall blood circulation of the body and strengthens the muscles and hormones in the body.

Fat Burning

Fat burning is essential to the process of conception for women. In order to burn fat, massages, steam baths and sauna baths mentioned below are very helpful:

  • Swedish Massage with steam bath
  • Hot stone massage with sauna
  • Vibro Massage and underwater massage

Abdominal and Back Massage with Hot and Cold Fomentation

Abdomen and back massage helps improve the circulation of blood to the abdominal viscera including uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. This reduces abdominal fat and takes away heat from the body.

Cold Hip Bath

Hip bath with cold water improves and strengthens the abdominal muscles and blood circulation to abdomen and regulates hormonal balance.

Stress Management

Breathing techniques and meditation help in stress management.

Keeping a positive attitude helps in releasing happy hormones called Serotonin and Dopamine which internally helps release FSH, Estrogen & Progesterone hormones.

YO1’s Yoga instructors guide guests with the following postures under the Infertility Program:

Viparita Karani

In this Yoga pose, the legs are held vertically at a 90° angle while breathing deeply and remaining in this position according to your comfort. To begin with, it can be done for 30-60 seconds. For maximum benefit, 3-5 minutes every day is recommended.

  • Fresh blood and lymph fluid are brought to the abdominal organs.
  • It can stimulate Thyroid gland, the dysfunction of which can lead to infertility.
  • It increases chances of conception.


In a sitting posture, guests stretch their legs straight out and try to hold their toes with their hands. During this pose, the elbows are at the side of the knees and the nose or the forehead is resting on the knees.

  • It stimulates the reproductive organs, especially the uterus and the ovaries.
  • The fertility levels improve as it helps release stress.


The guest sits up straight with their eyes closed while the thumbs press on the ear cartilage, the index fingers over the eyelids, the middle fingers gently placed on the nostrils, the ring fingers on the upper lip and pinky fingers resting just below the lower lip. After inhaling through the nose, the guest makes a loud humming sound while exhaling.

  • It relieves tension, anger and anxiety.
  • It helps regulate the hormonal cycle and relieves hypertension as it calms the mind.
  • The humming sound micro-massages the brain and relieves stress.


In this head to knee pose, the guests stretch their leg forward while bending their other leg with its heel pressing the Pubis. In this posture, while breathing out, the guests bend forward to hold the big toe of the stretched-out leg while resting the forehead on the knee. After releasing the pose in a few second, the process is repeated with the other leg.

  • It helps reduce belly fat.
  • It gently massages the internal abdominal organs.
  • It helps in seminal weakness.

Upavistha Konasana

In this Yoga posture, the guests sit with their legs wide open in a way that it makes beyond 90° angle between the legs. With toes pointing up, hands are slowly placed in front and stretched as much as possible. The guest breathes deep in this pose for 30-60 seconds.

  • This tones the abdominal organs and makes the spine stronger.
  • It stretches the Adductor muscles of the groin.

YO1’s comprehensive program also includes Acupuncture to balance hormones, improve the health of the eggs to increase the chances of conception. Like Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine is of the view that certain conditions induce fertility:

  1. Right timing, in terms of fertile time of the month
  2. Good “soil”, with the reproductive organs being well nourished and at the right temperature
  3. Open pathways, from the meridians carrying Qi and blood to the larger structures of the Fallopian tubes, Uterus in women and Ureter in men
  4. Healthy “seed”, in terms sperm and egg

Acupuncture assists reproduction by increasing circulation in the abdomen and the reproductive organs and regulating menstruation and hormones. Women’s hormone levels show signs of improvement with thicker endometrium or helps clear out if it is in excess, ovulation becomes regulated and chances of implant increase.

Benefits of Acupuncture are:

  • Improved health of the egg
  • Better blood supply to the Ovaries and Uterus
  • Balanced hormones and regulated cycle
  • Reduced inflammation in the groin
  • Removing blockages to follicle eruption and implantation
  • Reduced stress levels

Contact YO1 today for a free consultation with one of our trained wellness counselors to find out how our Infertility Program can help you.