Greeva Pichu (Ayurvedic Neck Massage Therapy)

Neck pains are one of the most problematic issues arising from a change in people’s lifestyles. In earlier years, people spent their time moving around on fields and at home, which kept their moving bodies healthy. With time, lifestyles have changed and most adults are working on desks and sitting at their computer for more than eight hours daily.

Needless to say, this has adversely affected our spinal health. People suffer from sore necks and shoulders, and constant pain in the neck which leads to spondylitis.

While it is true that for the last few decades people have eased their relief with quick allopathic treatments such as topical pain relief gels or pain-relief pills, times are changing.

Amazing Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the new trending lifestyle. With the amazing benefits that it brings along, Ayurveda is easy to follow since its required resources can be found growing in your garden or available in your kitchen.

Pichu therapy is one Ayurvedic treatment method that is helpful in treating body pains and Greeva Pichu is the Ayurvedic treatment for neck pain. Pichu means sponging, and the process involves a piece of sterile cotton wool dipped in warm medicated oil. This is applied over the affected area for treatment.

Greeva Pichu is recommended for people who work constantly at their desks, have mild neck soreness or pain, and stiff necks.


Greeva Pichu Treatment

During treatment, the patient is expected to lie still while the warm herbal oil soaked cotton wool heals the affected area. The padding is changed with fresh warm oil at different intervals, constantly warming the affected area. The herbal oil is heated indirectly by keeping it in a container that is inside a hot water pan.

For Pichu, sesame oil or ghee is used. Once the oil is hot enough to provide relief, the cotton is dipped inside, squeezed, and then kept on the affected area.

Greeva Pichu is highly recommended for people suffering from Vata Dosha.

Greeva Vasti

Greeva Vasti is another helpful treatment for neck pain. During this procedure, medicated oil is held in a container made of gram flour on the neck. It is especially beneficial in providing relief to people suffering from migraines.

After the treatment is finished, it is recommended that the patient rest for awhile and avoid moving around.

For preventative care, patients are recommended to limit their computer usage and screen time for several days.

Healthy food, exercise, and an Ayurvedic friendly lifestyle should be implemented as well.