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At YO1 Wellness Resort and Spa, we offer a unique and customized experience for you and your guests. Whether you’re planning a yoga retreat, hosting a charity or fundraiser to raise awareness, or looking to encourage wellness among colleagues or friends, YO1 can provide a flexible and inspiring space dedicated to your needs. You and your guests can enjoy world-class dining, reinvigorating wellness therapies, and luxurious accommodations, all in one idyllic setting that will leave you feeling more productive than ever.

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Situated in the serene Catskill Mountains, YO1 offers a stunning setting for your special event or getaway. Plan a community affair or invite your friends to a rejuvenating retreat and choose from a variety of flexible spaces for you and your guests to gather in depending on your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prefer to cozy up indoors fireside with an intimate ambiance, or desire a more expansive venue lakeside with breathtaking views, your event or getaway will be designed and executed with impeccable detail and taste.

Home to the historic Kutsher’s golf course, local guests can rely on YO1 for assistance with hosting golf tournaments, fundraisers, and charity events for the community. YO1 takes pride in being able to offer a unique wellness program that will complement your social gathering and make it unlike anything you and your guests have experienced before.

Enjoy a five-star menu crafted by award-winning Chef Gaurav Navin, tailored to your theme or guests’ tastes. Our friendly staff is always willing to go the extra mile to make your gathering perfect.

Wellness/Yoga Retreats

Wellness/Yoga Retreats

At YO1, we understand the importance of making wellness a priority in your life. From nutritionally-focused menus to a vast array of healing therapies, you and your guests can expect to receive the careful attention your health deserves.

Let us help you plan your wellness retreat at our state-of-the-art facility, providing you and your guests with world class amenities. Create a yoga retreat for your students, hosting yoga sessions in calming indoor and outdoor spaces that will help them connect mind, body, and spirit. Then, expand your wellness regimen at YO1 with our holistic blend of therapies and personalized wellness counseling. Experience restorative massages, invigorating herbal therapies, and purifying detox solutions that are bound to leave you and your guests feeling transformed and refreshed by the end of your retreat.

Achieving a healthy mind-body balance is fundamental to you and your guests’ journey to wellness, which is why YO1 is equipped with knowledgeable Wellness Counselors who will teach you and your guests how to achieve and maintain your health long after your stay.

Corporate Meetings

Corporate Meetings

Foster company growth and loyalty and reward success with a corporate retreat that is like no other. From team-building activities in comfortable, inviting spaces to open-air gatherings on the golf course, YO1 offers a wellness-infused experience for you and your colleagues.

Unlike the rush of back-to-back meetings and hectic work schedules at the office, the secluded and serene environment of YO1 offers a rare sense of privacy and place that will promote bonding with co-workers. More than that, you and your colleagues will be able to experience and understand, firsthand, how YO1 Nature Cure’s unique offering of Ayurvedic and Naturopathic therapies can benefit your team’s innovation process and productivity.

Whether you choose a relaxed and intimate room indoors to host your meeting or gather with your colleagues in the pristine, natural beauty outdoors, our flexible spaces will allow you to enjoy the latest technology and state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment to make presentations seamless.

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