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Lifestyle Management at YO1

YO1 Wellness Center is your first stop to holistic, lasting wellness. Our dedicated and authentic approach to self-care, healing, and education ensures that guests will not only leave our luxurious facilities feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, but profoundly changed and ready to live their best life.

Steps to Lifestyle Management

How it Works



Ayurveda focuses on managing health ailments and improving lifestyle patterns by providing guests healing therapies and education. Guests can expect to end their stay with increased confidence, wisdom, and understanding for dealing with obstacles and everyday stresses in life.



Naturopathy at YO1 is a return to nature and balance. Through diet and fasting therapies, healing water therapies, massage, and mud therapy, guests will experience a well-rounded approach to tackling concerns in all aspects of their lifestyle.



Yoga at YO1 encourages harmony, strength, and resilience in both body and mind through a series of yogic therapies. These therapies are carefully crafted to release stress and enhance guests’ capacity to experience joy, peace, and positive health in daily life.



Acupuncture promotes the body’s natural abilities to heal and is integral to lasting relief and vitality. Through skillfully-applied acupuncture techniques, guests experience muscle tension release and improved blood circulation.


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