What is Alternative Medicine?

In the United States, Ayurvedic Medicine considered a form of alternative medicine. Alternative medicine describes treatments that are used instead of traditional medical therapies. Ayurveda answers all lifestyle management questions in a natural way.

What is Allopathy?

Allopathic medicine, or allopathy, refers to science-based, modern medicine, such as the use of medications or surgery to treat or suppress symptoms or the ill effects of the disease.
The main difference between Ayurveda and Allopathic medicine is important to understand.
Western allopathic medicine focuses on symptomatology and disease, and primarily uses drugs and/or surgery to rid the body of pathogens or diseased tissue.
Much advancement has been made with allopathic medicine and many lives have been saved in the course of human medical history.
However, there are side-effects to allopathic medicine, mainly due to the toxicity of man-made drugs which can weaken the body.
Ayurveda uses a different approach to heal the body because it does not focus on disease. Rather, it focuses on keeping the life energies in balance.
Note that Ayurveda is not a substitute for Western allopathic medicine, however, it can be used in conjunction with Western medicine to make a person stronger and less likely to be afflicted with disease and/or to rebuild the body after being treated with drugs or surgery.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurvedic Medicine, also known as Ayurveda for short, is one of the world's most ancient holistic healing practices. The practice originated more than 5,000 years ago in India.
In Sanskrit, the language of ancient India, Ayurveda means “Knowledge of Life.” Ayurvedic knowledge was often passed down from generations in an oral tradition and some of the knowledge made it print texts several thousand years ago.
Ayurvedic medicine is based on the belief that good health depends on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Panchakarma treatment, Ayurvedic therapy and Ayurvedic massage are some of the most revitalizing forms to indulge in.
An important facet of Ayurveda is the belief that everyone is made up of the universes’ five basic elements: space, air, fire, water, and earth.
These elements combine in the human body to form three energies, otherwise known as doshas. These special energies control how the human body works. The three doshas are Vata Dosha, which represents space and air; Pitta Dosha, which represents fire and water; and Kapha Dosha, which represents water and earth.

In Ayurveda, it’s believed all your ailments and health problems are connected to the balance of your doshas. That’s why the practice of Ayurveda focuses on techniques in each of the doshas.

Vata Dosha – Space and Air
This dosha controls basic body functions, such as breathing, muscle movement, blood flow, heart function, and how healthy your intestines are. Vata determines how your body is functioning at a cellular level as well. If your vata is in balance, you could experience a variety of health problems such as anxiety, asthma, heart problems, and skin problems.
Pitta Dosha – Fire and Water
This energy controls your digestion, metabolism, body temperature and nutrition. If it’s out of balance, it could lead to a series of health conditions.
Kapha Dosha – Earth and Water
This life force controls muscle and bone growth, body strength and your immune system. Kapa lubricates joints and moisturizes the skin and maintains immunity.

Benefits of Ayurveda

There is a multitude of benefits to Ayurveda. One of the best parts of Ayurvedic Medicine is that is completely customizable to individual needs.
A treatment plan specifically designed for you will take into account your primary life force, and the balance between all three of these doshas:Vata, Pitta or Kapha.
The individualized treatment plan will cleanse your body using a process—called “Panchakarma”— which are various techniques designed to reduce your symptoms and restore harmony and balance.

Other Benefits of Ayurveda

1.Weight Management
A healthy diet and modification in lifestyle and eating habits through Ayurvedic treatments a specific dietary plan according to your dosha type.

2. Healthy and Glowing Skin and Hair
Ayurveda aims to achieve health and glowing skin and hair using organic and natural techniques.
The emphasis in a balanced meal, (taking into account your dosha type), toning exercises, and Ayurvedic supplements promote healthy skin and scalp.

3. Stress Relief
With a fast-paced lifestyle that leaves no scope for rejuvenation or relaxation, Ayurveda focuses on reducing stress and anxiety. Regular practice of yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, massages, and herbal treatments allow the body to calm down, detoxify, and rejuvenate.

4. Reduced Inflammation
Lack of proper diet, unhealthy eating routines, insufficient sleep, irregular sleep patterns, and bad digestion can lead to inflammation. The root cause of neurological diseases, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, pulmonary diseases, arthritis, and many others starts with inflammation.

As you begin to eat according to your dosha type, the digestive system begins to strengthen. Consumption of certain foods at the right times reduces toxins in the blood and digestive tract. A consequent result of this is increased vitality, high energy, and an overall decrease in lethargy and mood swings.

5. Body Purification
Panchakarma treatment in Ayurveda is the practice of eliminating bodily toxins through enemas, oil massages, blood-letting, purgation, and other oral administration.

6. Lower Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Symptoms of Illness and Diseases
Researchers suggest that Ayurvedic diets and relaxation techniques help reduce plaque buildup. Plaque is a result of the formation of cholesterol and fats in the inner lining of the arteries. This condition is called atherosclerosis and is the root cause of heart attacks and strokes.

7. Improved Quality of Daily Life
Ayurveda is a choice of lifestyle, which when adopted in its entirety, brings a wave of general well-being to your daily life.

Why Ayurveda is the Best?

After learning about complex practices of Ayurveda, it’s easy to see that Ayurveda offers a natural and organic approach to achieving a balance between the mind, body and soul.

It’s not to say either Alternative or Allopathic medicine is right or wrong, they are just two completely different approaches to healing the body.

YO1 center is a picturesque Catskill mountain resort that believes in youthful living and a positive mind. Ayurveda at YO1 Longevity & Health Resorts takes a holistic approach, using natural methods to detoxify your body, soothe your muscles, calm your nerves, and restore and rebalance the natural energies or doshas that create the harmony of wellness in your body. Enjoy an Ayurvedic diet, Panchakarma and many other Ayurvedic treatments to heal yourself and feel rejuvenated.


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The Benefits of Practicing Ayurveda

Ayurveda is based on the principle that to achieve and maintain health over the course of your life, you must re-balancing emotions, improve diet, practice yoga and “pranayama” (breathing exercises), and make lifestyle adjustments.


Ayurvedic Elements 4

What are the Elements in Ayurveda and their Significance?

Ayurvedic principles state that the cosmos are compiled of the “Pancha Maha Bhutas” also known as the “Five Great Elements.”


Netra Tarpana

Detox and Rejuvenate with Acupuncture

Acupuncture therapy is an ancient Chinese technique that can solve many common aches and pains of the body. It is increasingly becoming popular in the West, to relieve the body, increase overall wellness, and reduce stress.



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What is Ayurveda?

Practiced by the great sages of ancient India, Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old system of holistic medicine defined as Knowledge of Life (Ayu meaning life and Veda meaning knowledge). It describes the healthy and unhealthy state of life (mind and body) and describes the methods of balancing unhealthy conditions. Ayurveda focuses on the wellness of every person as a whole. Since the constitution differs from person to person, the wellness therapies also differ and are unique to every individual.

What is Naturopathy?

Human beings have remarkable recuperative powers that can heal the body on its own without external chemical or surgical interference, which simply suppresses symptoms but does not heal nor remove the root cause of the disease. Naturopathy seeks to heal the body by promoting its own internal processes. Naturopathy gives importance to internal hygienic conditions using healing therapies such as Dietetics, Hydrotherapy, Mud therapy, Reflexology, and Massage, among others.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a lifestyle, to be incorporated. It includes practices like Kriyas, Asanas, Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra, Meditation etc.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a holistic energy healing technique where a certified healer directs universal energy to the person who seeks healing. This restores your emotional, physical and spiritual energy.

What is included in your all-inclusive package?

If you choose our all-inclusive package, you will get a well-appointed luxurious room, Ayurvedic therapies, Naturopathic therapies ( hydrotherapy, massage, mud therapy, reflexology, dietetics) yoga sessions, acupuncture, all meals, all amenities, and a personal wellness consultation.

What types of food do you have?

Our culinary program is based on a wholesome, balanced and portioned diet. All of the food served at YO1 is locally sourced, organic, and sustainable. The ingredients that are used are free of harmful chemicals, alkaline, and genetic modification to create meals that promote an optimum state of health.

Where are you located?

We are located in the tranquil Catskills Mountains in Monticello, New York. Resting on over 1,300 acres of pristine landscape, including the historic and impressive Kutsher property, YO1 is easily accessible and offers guests the fresh air and serenity needed to make the profound changes in their lives that they are seeking.




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