A lifestyle that includes regular practice of yoga and meditation is on the pathway to achieving a more healthy and balanced life.
Yoga and meditation, both ancient practices are an important aspect of lifestyle management. The two have become very popular in Western culture as people face more and more stress due to the demands of life in general. For many, yoga and meditation is an escape from the pressures and demands of everyday life.
Yoga provides many other mental and physical benefits, and once established in practice, you find that you cannot start your day any other way.

Yoga Practice:

There are many types of Yoga practices and it’s important to choose one that’s suitable for your individual body. Here are a few of the basic yoga types:
Hatha Yoga refers to most types of yoga that are practised in the U.S. that involve
physical postures. Most Hatha Yoga classes will provide an introduction to basic yoga postures and should leave your muscles feeling loose and relaxed.

Ashtanga – An ancient and rigorous style of yoga that follows a specific sequence of postures that links every movement to a breath. The poses are performed in the same order each time. This is a physically demanding version of yoga. The best way to practice Yoga is to find a Yoga Retreat Center.

Iyengar Yoga – This type of yoga focuses on alignment and holding each pose correctly. You will often use blocks and straps to help keep your ailment correctly.

Restorative Yoga – A great way to use yoga for relaxation purposes. This type of yoga focuses on breathing and relaxation techniques. You will feel more relaxed and rejuvenated than ever before as Yoga is considered the most effective stress relief method of all.

Vinyasa Yoga – This type of yoga is known for fluid and intense movements. The focus of this type of yoga is also linking breath to movement.

Yoga has many benefits, both mental and physical. The physical benefits include improved circulation, increased muscle strength, increased flexibility, better posture, better breathing, improved concentration, increased mindfulness, weight loss, and much more.


Meditation the practice of focusing the mind on a particular object or thought. It is practised mainly for brain health. The point of meditation is to train the mind to ultimately achieve an emotionally calm and stable state of mind.

Like Yoga, there are many types of meditation practices, and each type of practice requires different skills.

There are many tools out there for beginners, such as meditation DVDs, meditation retreats, or meditations centres where you can sit with a group of people and meditate together.

Two basic types of meditation are Concentration and Mindfulness:
Concentration meditation involves focusing on a single point. This “point” could be your breath, a “mantra,” or even staring at a single object like a flame or using prayer beads to chant a word or phrase of your choice. You will start off meditating for a short period of time, and then gradually increase your practice.

Mindfulness meditation is different because you will be more like an observer on your thoughts. You should take note of the types of thoughts that enter and exit your mind and see what kinds of patterns they form.

Benefits of daily Meditation:
Increased relaxation
Lower blood pressure
Improved blood circulation
Lower heart rate
Less anxiety and stress
More mindfulness and feeling of being present

Simple Meditation Techniques for Beginners:
Sit with your legs crisscross on a cushion.
Close your eyes.
Breathe naturally and focus on each inhalation and exhalation.
Notice how your body moves with each breath.
If your mind wanders, return your focus to your breath.


Ayurvedic Elements 4

What are the Elements in Ayurveda and their Significance?

Ayurvedic principles state that the cosmos are compiled of the “Pancha Maha Bhutas” also known as the “Five Great Elements.”


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The Benefits of Practicing Ayurveda

Ayurveda is based on the principle that to achieve and maintain health over the course of your life, you must re-balancing emotions, improve diet, practice yoga and “pranayama” (breathing exercises), and make lifestyle adjustments.



Live The Tranquil Life

YO1 HEALTH RESORT provides unspoilt nature that calms one down. The pristine lake, lush woodlands, the long nature trails and immense positivity relaxes mind, body and the soul.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an ancient healing therapy from India that seeks to restore health by looking at a person as a whole instead of focusing on a specific disease. Developed over 5,000 years ago, this alternative healing therapy creates balance and strengthens the body’s natural healing ability. According to Ayurveda, diseases are the result of imbalances and impurities that accumulate in the body over time. This is a mind-body technique and all the treatments are based on the constitution of an individual.

Can Yo1 really help me?

Most of the health disorders are a result of an unhealthy diet, poor digestion, stress, environmental toxins and other factors, which over time, can affect the proper functioning of the body. The healing therapies at Yo1 are designed specifically to address the root cause of disorders, instead of simply focusing on providing relief from specific symptoms. We understand that each person is different, and we customize our treatments to meet individual needs.

Will I continue enjoying the benefits even after returning home?

Our experts at Yo1 target the root cause of health disorders and seeks to restore balance in the body. The end result of our therapies are stronger immunity, better digestion and total detoxification of the body that allows you to enjoy the results even after you return home. You take with you instructions on what to do to enjoy optimal health after you leave our health resort and this ensures that you can continue enjoying the benefits even after returning home.

What is Panchakarma?

These are a set of 5 traditional Ayurvedic purification treatments. These therapies together cleanse the entire body, remove toxins and restore a healthy balance. Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments can remove dangerous fat-soluble toxins like DDT, PCBs and dioxins from the body. The five Panchakarma procedures used to detoxify the body are Vamana, Virechana, Nasyam, Anuvasana Vasti and Kashayam Vasti. After counselling, each guest will be advised on which Panchakarma therapy is suitable for their mind-body type during their 7-10 day stay. Typically, a complete Panchakarma Program that includes all five steps requires two months of therapy.

What is included in your all-inclusive package?

If you choose our all-inclusive package, you will get a well-appointed luxurious room, Ayurvedic therapies, Naturopathic therapies ( hydrotherapy, massage, mud therapy, reflexology, dietetics) yoga sessions, acupuncture, all meals, all amenities, and a personal wellness consultation.

Where are you located?

We are located in the tranquil Catskills Mountains in Monticello, New York. Resting on over 1,300 acres of pristine landscape, including the historic and impressive Kutsher property, YO1 is easily accessible and offers guests the fresh air and serenity needed to make the profound changes in their lives that they are seeking.




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