Energy flows where intention goes

In modern times we humans have been so used to being free that just the thought of isolation is frustrating. Unless we have a habit of a disciplined daily routine spending an hour in isolation is stressful. We are all so used to speed or running that even a small pause makes us restless and anxious.

Yoga is a lifestyle, destress with Yoga. When one understands the philosophy behind every yogic practice, be it the cleansing techniques, asanas, pranayama, or meditation exercises each one of these helps us to accept the present in totality with grace. In the meantime, it keeps you calm, energetic, and stress-free. Yoga makes lifestyle management a manageable task.

Prana – the vital energy is the source of all our activities. The simplest manifestation of prana is breath. It is the breath that connects the body to the mind. That is why any change in the mind activity like emotional variations for example anger, grief, or anxiousness alters the rhythm of the breath and we all notice it in terms of rapid breathing, shortness of breath, sigh, etc every time we go through it. Learn Yoga and practice it to get youthful skin, weight loss, and much more!

All yoga techniques are based on mindful manipulation of breath in one or the other way. This manipulation of breath changes the state of mind. For example, whenever you are angry or anxious if you are able to consciously breathe slowly, then the anger or anxiousness disappears. Therefore, the practice of yogasanas with total awareness of breath keeps you stress-free avoiding unnecessary thought processes. That is why, a great Yoga retreat is necessary for one's life.

There are a few important aspects of yogasana practice which makes it unique to any other form of physical culture. As mentioned, earlier awareness of the breath is the first. Secondly, the movement during asana practice should always be in synchronization with the breath meaning to say you move your body part as you breathe in or breath out. Every posture is more beneficial if you maintain the asana for a longer duration than repeating the asana many times. Focusing inwards or outwards either by closing your eyes or fixing it in a particular point is also important as it stimulates various other processes enhancing the benefit of the practice. The more comfortable you get in an asana the calmer you will be with a thoughtless mind.

Aadhara – vital points like the big toe, forehead, umbilicus, etc. in the body are also manipulated during the practice contributing to overall effects. The practice also activates the nadis and the chakras – energy channels in which the prana flows.

Regularity and consistency in practice is the secret. Therefore, just practicing yogasanas is all it takes to keep you calmer, happy, and stress-free. It could be the dynamic form – surya namaskar(sun salutations) or any simple yogic postures when practiced diligently with total awareness not only has the physiological and psychological benefits but also provides with the spiritual awareness which is the need of the hour in times of crisis. To conclude, a daily practice of yogasanas will keep you calm, happy, and stress-free without any extra efforts throughout the day. Stress relief is a major factor to take into consideration.

Hence yoga helps one to stay healthy while enhancing immunity in prevention and cure. It helps in balancing the emotions and contributes largely to maintain the mental health intact in the non-affected and affected to effectively deal with the challenges that would be around by the time the coronavirus crisis is over.




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